You’re gonna be a pirate in Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag

1 Posted by - February 28, 2013 - Gaming

Oh yes you are. Grab your cutlass, your flintlock, and your spiced rum, because the next Assassins Creed is taking to the seven seas.

Fresh off of all those (suprisingly) awesome ship missions in Assassins Creed III, Ubisoft is leaning to starboard in the next game and making you into a pirate assassin!

Earlier I said it was the Seven Seas, but it’s looking like it’ll just be the one sea; Kotaku leaked this retail poster image a few days ago showing a Caribbean Sea world map:

So we’re gonna be assassinating dudes in Havana and Florida! Assassins of the Caribbean!

Details are pretty scarce right now, but it’s pretty obvious that the game is set around 1715. Rumours have it that the main character goes by the name of Kenway – as in Haytham’s daddy, and Conners granddaddy.

This oughta be one to watch. Now where’s that rum?