The Frankenstein Theory Trailer

0 Posted by - February 16, 2013 - Movies

So… this is happening.

What if the most chilling novel of all time was actually based on a true account of a horrific experiment gone awry? When he is suspended from his university job for his outlandish ideas, Professor John Venkenheim leads a documentary film crew to the rim of the Arctic Circle in a desperate effort to vindicate his academic reputation. His theory: Mary Shelley’s ghastly story, “Frankenstein,” is, in fact, a work of non-fiction disguised as fantasy. In the vast, frozen wilderness, Venkenheim and his team search for the legendary monster, a creature mired in mystery and drenched in blood. What they find is an unspeakable truth more terrifying than any fiction…a nightmare from which there is no waking!

From the trailer it looks like it’s Frankensteins Monster (in-name) with a sprinkle of The Blair Witch Project and a whole lot of ‘inspiration’ from Troll Hunter.

It’s not exactly sticking to the source material. But neither did Van Helsing, and I’ll sit down and watch that flick any day of the week. Shame this movie doesn’t look like it incorporates any of the goofiness of Troll Hunter and runs full steam ahead with the whole “we’re so serious” tone of Blair Witch, because this idea has potential.

Source :: The Movie Blog