Tabard x Classic Wampyrs :: Because You Never Know Who’s Up There

0 Posted by - July 9, 2013 - Advertising, Art

Throughout history vampires have had a lot of interpretations, from ghouls that rise on selected nights, to demon possessions with otherworldly powers, to Gary Oldman. The general gist throughout history (or at least until like 2011) is that vampires are terrible beings. Obviously, we’re not talking about the post-2011 sparkley ones – though those are also pretty terrible in their own way. The less lame vampires seduce people, play mind games, and most importantly… vant to drink your blood, Ah Ah Ah. Sometimes they also help children learn numerical skills, but that’s a rare behaviour.

You know what also drinks blood? Mosquitos. And they’re a whole bunch more dangerous than vampires because… they actually exist. And they’re really goddamn annoying. That’s what agency Volcano have gone with in this new campaign to promote anti-mosquito product Tabard. Put a classic vampire from modern culture in a tiny bi-plane and you’ve pretty much got a mosquito. Look at lil’ Count Orlok!