Sponsored Video: Wreck-It-Ralph Designer Stunts on a Samsung

1 Posted by - March 7, 2013 - Art, Gaming, Screen Time

Calling all creatives! A Disney Character Designer is about to stunt on all of y’all with a cellphone!

Bill Schwab is the guy up top. He’s the Character Designer (and visual development artist) in question, currently sitting comfortably at Walt Disney Animation Studios and coming fresh off of working on the (awesome) feature-length retro videogame homage Wreck-It-Ralph.

The phone in question is the Samsung Galaxy Note II, which has developed itself a nice reputation with those of the creative persuasion ever since hooking up with Tristan Eaton last summer.

Schwab’s stunting takes the form of him drawing the eponymous Ralph, of Wreck-It-Ralph, on his cellphone. Using the exclusive S-Pen stylus, he is straight up sketching right on the screen, complete with light and heavy strokes and a colour picker to grab whatever hex code he desires.

Once he’s done showing up that busted Moleskine in your backpack, he brings out a psychic-photoshop-type tool called ‘Idea Sketch’. He doodles in the name of what he wants and its right there on the screen, all layered up and ready to compose a composition.

This is all obscenely impressive. Want a Galaxy Note II of your own?

Hit up their website right here (and at the bottom of this post, if you’re a completionist) to check out a competition to win one of your very own, all you’ve got to do is complete the missing Wreck-It-Ralph poster.

Here are some sources for you to check out, including that competition:

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