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0 Posted by - July 9, 2013 - Advertising, Screen Time

Ever seen the RSA’s online video series RSA Animate? If so, you’ve got the context for this next part down. If not, go and check it out, you philistine. There’s no better way to contemplate a lofty concept than an animated infographic with narration. That’s real talk – their videos talk about such high brow topics as “is the internet actually empowering or censoring citizens across the world”, “the paradox of choice”, and “the empathic civilization”. The topics are pulled from multiple sources, from books to speeches given to the RSA. The animation is handled by one man – Andrew Park.

Mr Park is an old school creator. He’s rocking with a biro and a notepad. Samsung have just sponsored an RSA Insights video entitled “where can technology take us?”. It makes sense, then, to see how a piece of gadgetry can affect the creative process of an old school illustrator. Samsung gave Mr. Park a Galaxy Note 8.0 to see how he’d adapt the device to his process. You might be suprised just how quickly he took to it. Check it out:

According to Mr. Park, that S-Pen combined with the multitude of apps makes the Note 8.0 into a creative powerhouse. Inspiration strikes and he pulls up a virtual notepad, complete with doodling with the S-Pen, he takes notes on a phone call right there on the tablet, he amalgamates nearly his entire workflow into this one little device. The tagline is “for whenever inspiration strikes” and, evidently, a phablet is the must-have accessory for the demanding creative.

And it’s all about that amalgamation, make no mistake. Life gets a whole lot easier when you get your groundwork down to a set of cohesive movements. And having all your notes, scribbles, doodles, and emails in one place? That’s the kind of thing empires are built on. You can check out the Galaxy Note 8.0 more over at the official website.

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