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Seattlite masters of the suburban coffee bean, Starbucks, are giving you a choice of brew in your warm beverage, between the standard espresso and the pedigreed display of barista-ery that is the Guatemala Antigua bean.

This isn’t your regular sort of base for your double dry venti froca-map-achino with soy milk and hazelnut syrup. This particular breed of coffee is grown and raised on a farm called Santa Clara, in the exotic Central American land known as Guatemala. That’s not the end of the exoticness; this farm is also sitting smack-bang in the shadow of a fiery volcano named… appropriately… Fuego.

It sounds both dangerous, exotic, and exciting… like a place Indiana Jones would go on holiday, but in reality it’s just a humble home to a troupe of lovely coffee farmers. These lovely coffee farmers:



That volcano, Fuego, last erupted back in September 2012, leaving the area surrounding Santa Clara with a surplus of lovely, mineral-rich soil perfect for the planting of coffee. That’s not all! As Fuego is constantly around (volcano’s aren’t the most mobile of things) to enrich the soil, a thriving micro-climate has sprung up around the base of the volcano. This fire-blessed ecosystem has been considered sacred by the locals for generations.

There’s a lot of awesome packed into that little coffee bean, and we can only hope it passes some of that on when you drink it.

There’s a whole load of additional info on the pedigree of the Origin Espresso here: http://unr.ly/11I5qjA

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