Sponsored Video :: Rich Moore Terrorises Disney Animation Studios with a Samsung and a Segway

2 Posted by - March 27, 2013 - Gaming, Screen Time

Rich Moore has an illustriously illustrated filmography including some of the best episodes of The Simpsons (including Flaming Moes, Treehouse of Horror I…), Futurama, and Drawn Together. Now he’s hooked up with Disney to bring out his theatrical directorial debut; Wreck-It-Ralph.

Now we get to follow Mr. Moore in… A Day In The Life.


Rich is chilling around the Animation Studios while he basks in the glory of directing a blockbuster movie – he’s jacking Disney Security Segways (ever seen a Segway get up to ramming speed?), bonding with his team, and throwing a barbecue right there in the cafeteria – because what else does a newly minted top tier director do on his down time? He can’t spend all day polishing that yellow Lambo.

All the while that the director is tearing up Burbank, he’s rocking with his trusty sidekick; the Samsung Galaxy Note II. That fancy, fancy phone we’ve taken a good hard look at before.

That competition to win yourself one of these fancy phones is still ongoing, all you’ve got to do is complete the missing Wreck-It-Ralph poster. Hit the links and

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