Sponsored Video :: Macallan x Oakley :: The Test Sessions

1 Posted by - March 21, 2013 - Screen Time, Style

What do you do when you’ve made yourself a fancy new flask (for the holding of fine whisky, because what else would you put in a fancy new flask?) and you want to test/show off how indestructible it is?

You might consider some sort of lab-based testing.

This consideration would make you a – technical term – dork.

You gotta hook it up to tow-lines on a bunch of really pretty cars and let a stunt driver let loose on the gas pedal. You must have some upbeat Blues music to accompany the spectacle. You must drift said cars around a random (yet occupied) bathtub on an airstrip. Anything less is just… less.

So to that end, Macallan and Oakley rounded up a posse of stunt drivers, helicopter pilots, and the camera-mounted-on-a-truck team who worked on Skyfall, to abuse their newest product. It gets dragged, drifted, and dropped… but the whisky remains unharmed.

Rest assured, it can probably survive your jacket pocket, or your jeans, or wherever is the trendy place to carry a whisky flask around these days… we’ll consult our style gurus and get back to you.

Remember, next time you order a whisky, ask for it in a flask that was topped up in a speeding roadster from a refuelling line dangled from a helicopter. Screw “on the rocks”, we want “dragged along the tarmac”.
You can read more on the mechanics of this video right here. Then you can go grab one from Macallan’s own store right here.

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