Sponsored Video: Heineken has… unusual hiring practices

4 Posted by - March 6, 2013 - Screen Time

When you’re hiring for a special candidate, why not show them off once you’ve found them? That’s Heineken’s perspective in their new commercial.

Heineken put an ad out for an Event & Sponsorship intern. The job promised a chance to join a world renowned brand (disclosure: I drink Heineken), tour with the UEFA Champions League Trophy and meet a grip of football players on the way.

They got 1734 resumes.

That’s a whole lot of people, and Heineken were looking for a rare breed. So they ran through the pile, selected their people and got ready for interview time.

Everyone loves a job interview; that one chance to impress someone, who’s probably having a long day anyway, with as many facts and figures about the place they work as you can stuff into your brain.

You Barney Stinson it up; ties and polished loafers. You’re buzzed in to the building at your allocated time (ideally 15 minutes before – don’t say we don’t give out good advice over here), then you shift uncomfortably in the elevator to the designated floor.

The doors open, your sweaty hand reaches out, and you’d better be on your top game.

Heineken went one step further.

Rather than just shaking that sweaty hand, they embraced it, Saudi style. The bossman takes a faceplant in the Q&A session, and he continues unabated (that’s one hardbody marketing middle-manager). The fire alarm blows, and suddenly you’re thrust into being a fire fighter… if you have it in you.

Spoiler: they want people who have it in them.

Shout out to Guy Luchting, Heineken’s new Events & Sponsorship Intern. God knows he earned it.


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