Sponsored Video :: Canon is calling all creatives!

0 Posted by - July 21, 2013 - Advertising, Screen Time

That’s right ladies and gentleman, that Japanese-based camera maker of merit Canon has something for you. We’re not sure what just yet, but we’ll know soon. We’ll know on the 31st July.

Your audience is waiting” is the slogan behind the announcement, and never has a truer word been spoken – we all have an audience in these days of social media and constant connectivity. We all have a latent audience, made up of Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and Instagram friends… but some of us, the more creative slice of the population, seek them out. They pursue an audience through the internet, using all of these platforms to build a following, and using that following to disseminate their material. It’s a powerful phenomenon, and people are making the most of it in so many different ways that it would be pointless to even try and catalogue them all.

We can certainly give it a good old fashioned try though. And this teaser commercial shows it’s hand a little bit. It’s clearly aimed at the social set. Less the Twitterati, and more the YouTuberati and Vimeofiosi. Neither of those are actual terms, but neither is Twitterati so…

We see travellers complete with luggage, fashionable young ladies applying their makeup in public view, musicians and dancers busking in the street, a(n assumedly amateur, because he doesn’t have one of those white hats) baker holding his latest creation high for all to see.

Canon is speaking directly to the bloggers, and those who create the content amplified by the bloggers. Canon is speaking directly to you… because your audience is waiting. And we’ll find out just how Canon intends to help us reach our audiences at the end of July. Are you ready?

Yeah, you’re totally ready. We’ll see what they’ve got for us, on July 31st.

This post has been sponsored by Canon