Sponsored Video :: By Your Powers Combined, these are Re:Plattan’s

0 Posted by - June 19, 2013 - Music, Style

Headphones are wilding out these days. We’ve got entrepreneurs stacking it up from attaching the right name to a pair, but what about attaching the right cause instead?

That’s what Urbanears are going for with their latest drop – a fully recycled, environmentally sound pair of headphones by the of “Re:Plattan”.

Re” because they’re the reup of several previous Plattan models. These new drops are built from the unused spare parts of formerly released collections of the ubiquitous blocked colour headphones, because they get a lot of those. They’re REcycled! Captain Planet would approve.

As you sit down for the unboxing ceremony, you’ll pull out the standard array of headphone and jack… but there’ll be a set of mysterious coordinates tucked away in that box. Because you just saved a 5 meter square block of rainforest on purchase.

You just saved 5 square meters of Costa Rican rainforest, saving a little bit of the world for the monkeys, jaguars and ants of that exotic, tropical land. That’s pretty goddamn dope. Everyone likes monkeys.

Captain Planet not only approves, he now wants a pair. They’d even match his fit (or… any fit, really) with that eclectic colourway.

Grab you a pair of these new joints, and gain Captain Planet’s approval, over at UrbanEars.com or at selected retailers.

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