Sponsored Video: ASOS reveals the true power of denim

0 Posted by - May 10, 2013 - Screen Time, Style

The ASOS menswear department is all a-twitter about their denim collection these days – literally.

The varieties of denim that the online fashionistos carry number into the 600s these days in the “men’s” section alone so they’ve got a right to be pretty proud of it.

We’re talking straight fit, bootcut, skinny fit, jorts, jackets, every kind of denim garment you could possibly want to get your Canadian tuxedo swag on.

To honour their massive stockpile of denim-based goods, ASOS is taking on all comers to prove that their collection is more than up to any task that you could throw at it. It’s like a denim-paved road to superstardom. You can do ANYTHING with the power of DENIM!

See what happens when the denim-rocking masses demand to be football stars:

Now, if you’ve ever wondered how denim can make you into a top flight drummer, here’s your how-to:

If you too would like to test that huge pile of jeans in the ASOS warehouse, and that hardworking actor-narrator combination, just tweet a challenge to @ASOS_Menswear and include the #denimchallenge hash tag.

Don’t reach for the stars, reach for your phone… in your jeans. Or just reach for the jeans. Whatever. DENIM!

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