Red Dead Redemption: The Hanging of Bonnie Macfarlane (Trailer)

1 Posted by - June 1, 2013 - Gaming, Movies, Screen Time

John Marston is no stranger to grindhouse aesthetics. After ploughing their way through the old west (not literally) in the base game, gamers were treated to an additional piece of gunslinging action… with zombies!… in the weird western DLC RDR: Undead Nightmare.

If the grindhouse thrills of being a cowboy on a quest to save the world from a zombie apocalypse by following Aztec legend with a macabre surf-rock soundtrack have left you so soon, SilkDogFilms are here to pass you your next dose with The Hanging of Bonnie Macfarlane. A fan made spaghetti western with plenty of tomato sauce.

Coming June.