Penguin :: Street Art Series

1 Posted by - July 9, 2013 - Art, Literature

We love street art, and our collective noses stay in a book. Sometimes they’re even in a book about street art. Sometimes they’re in a book about books about street art, but never have they been in street art about books. Fact is, art and presentation is one of the key selling points of traditional books in this new age where Kindles are knocking at the door. The good part about this is we get some awesome limited runsthat are well worth adding to your analogue bookcase. Think the Shepherd Fairey Animal Farm and 1984 covers, or that blacked out 1984 cover that made the rounds a few months ago. Orwell gets a lot of artistic interpretation, apparently.

There’s no 1984 here though. We’ve got lesser known classics from authors including Iain Sinclair, Joshua Ferris, and William Boyd. Check them out:

45 RPM cametotheend agostino - howtobegood barn - hawksmoor d. face - queen Dain carveup dr henry jekyll - americana ESPO - lightsout mittenimwald - fundamentalist ROA - assangel sickboy believers yok - armadillo