Oyster Pasty Alley? Manhattan Street Names: Past and Present

2 Posted by - November 19, 2012 - Art, Literature

Before Manhattan become the easily navigated first-second-third-etc street grid that it is, the island had some… interesting street names, and Don Rogerson is on a mission to explain those weird ass names.

Rogerson hit the library, the census reports, and all the historical data points you can imagine to compile his compendium of olde-tyme Manhattan street names and explain where exactly those names came from.

Oyster Pasty Alley is the one I’m curious about. Who in the hell puts oysters in pasties?

Hitting Kickstarter with the intent to raise $2,670 to publish a run of the book, Rogerson has demolished his goal and he’s off to print a 300-book first edition run and has plans on an ebook, which we’re now officially anticipating… because no one else will explain the seafood pastry of the NY backstreets.