NikeID lets you get those “Invisible Woman”s you missed back in ’05

0 Posted by - June 4, 2013 - Style

Anyone remember the invisible Air Force 1 craze that lasted at least six months back ’05/6? Nike do.

And anyone who remembers the craze surely remembers the accompanying craze of Air Force 1 designed socks that came as a result of letting people walk around with windows to their feet. That may happen again. Brace yourselves.

Nike have opened the floodgates on the mid-2000’s and are now allowing customisers to create their own invisible panelled sneakers at NikeID. They’re also now allowing Sparkle Patent leather, so you can go the way of the image up top and have your sparkly cake and invisibly eat it too.

Use them wisely, aspiring sneak designers.