JR Schmidt built New York

1 Posted by - November 16, 2012 - Art

If you listen to Bono, it was Irish and nativist gangbangers that built New York, but for today, JR Schmidt has built his own Manhattan… out of Lego!

There’s a lot of science behind his interpretation; satellite imagery and ordinance maps were consulted to get everything just right, and the opacity of the city blocks represents their elevation.

Fortunately, Schmidt didn’t adhere exactly with the Big Apple’s standard colourscheme – instead of grey buildings and black rivers, he’s opting for gorgeous autumnal hues and a teal river.

This print is beautiful, and available on most anything you’d want it on – art print, canvas, iPhone case, stationary card… and a throw pillow, if that’s your preferred way to showcase artwork.

It’s cool, everyone likes throw pillows.

You can achieve your iPhone case x throw pillow synergy straight from the source at his online store