Gaikuo-Captain brings Pop Culture to life

1 Posted by - April 3, 2013 - Art, Movies, Screen Time

Gaiku-Captain is a Beijing-based illustrator and… chemical engineering student (!) with a wall, a pen, and a healthy love of pop culture.

By those powers combined, he is… fighting Batman.

He’s throwing a fair one with Cap (if you don’t count the shield), pitching an actual fair one with Batman, taking a selfie with the Joker, getting jumped by the Hulk, getting bun up by Charizard, and… is that our boy Ralph with the bear-hug? Piff.

Click the images for the big versions and check out Crunchy Roll for some awesome anime and mythology-based images.

evangelion irlwreck it ralph irl joker irl iron man irl hulk irl charizard irl captain america irl batman irlelephant irl