Cyrcle :: Fall of the King

2 Posted by - March 5, 2013 - Art

Back in early 2012, LA Freewalls commissioned a piece from spray-crew Cyrcle. The crew got to work plotting and planning their work and they came out with an awesome little concept that has just met its final phase.

On that small section of wall, the guys painted a Cherubic young King. Every three months since that piece went up, they’ve returned to destroy and rebuild it, morphing the king from cherubic young’un, to a grizzled warrior, and finally… they commit the young ruler to the ground.

The whole three month shift didn’t just happpen on a whim. Like all of the best art, the message is vague but informs the entirety of the work. The message in their own words:

Each painting overthrew the last forcing us to destroy to create, create to destroy.  New
life, death, birth…….. Nothing is permanent- kings, art, happiness, pain, even the crown. Time conquers all!

Over here at DSY, we love how the wall even begins to show weariness in a beautiful bit of serendipitous convergence. As the king begins to show his age, so too does the wall, until finally the crown is overturned.

There’s a few pics below, check out more pics of the project at their blog, it’s well worth a look.