Cedric Delsaux brings Star Wars down to earth in Dark Lens

11 Posted by - March 1, 2013 - Art, Movies

“Over the years, many artists have interpreted Star Wars in ways that extend well beyond anything we saw in the films. One of the most unique and intriguing interpretations that I have seen is in the work of Cedric Delsaux, who has cleverly integrated Star Wars characters and vehicles into stark urban, industrial – but unmistakably earthbound – environments. As novel and disruptive as his images are, they are also completely plausible.”

– George Lucas

Well, these are awesome. French artist Cedric Delsaux has been dragging the used-future of the Star Wars universe down to our plane with his stunning photography since 2005, and we’ve got a nice selection right here.

Shot mostly in Delsaux’s native Paris, and Dubai, there’s a lot of great imagery at play. The Millenium Falcon blows past a construction site and hides in a hole dug for laying foundation. Battle droids sit listlessly around like Jarhead in dilapidated vehicles, lightsabers get littered around the rural France.

Here’s a quick slideshow of DSY’s favourites, and you can check out the whole starkly industrial set over at Cedric Delsaux’s website.